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Simon Macbeth from Leeds is a Web Designer, Writer & an amazingly fantastic person!

Web Design

Simon Macbeth Leeds is the owner of 121 Web Design in Roundhay Leeds, who are the UK’s Best Low Cost Web Design Company – Web Design Revew


Simon Macbeth Leeds is a writer and published his own Autobiography in 2006. His book, called ‘Too Tired To Play Games’ is available on Amazon

A British Story Project

Started in 2016 the ‘A British Story Project” aims to raise money from children’s community projects across the UK.

About Simon Macbeth Leeds

When Simon Macbeth started entering the reverse auctions in the summer of 2005, Simon began e-mailing one of the main competition providers, Million21, to see when their next events were taking place. They didn’t know Simon at the time because he’d not claimed any prizes in his name. They e-mailed Simon Macbeth Leeds to say that they had a competition starting for a £125k Ferrari F430 or £100k in cash. All Simon’s dreams had come true because of the size of the prize. It was nearly 10 times the size of anything Simon had entered before. Simon Macbeth Leeds was really excited at the prospect of the Ferrari competition. He phoned Steph immediately and she was eager to be part of this one too. Simon told her to take a look at the photographs on the website. A Ferrari F430 is many people’s dream car and the promo pictures did it justice. He didn’t drive, but the thrill he felt wasn’t really about the car, it was about £125k. It could have been £125k’s worth of paper cups for all I cared. Simon Macbeth Roundhay was a bit disappointed that the competition for the Ferrari was finishing on Christmas Eve because he didn’t want to wait that long, but Simon knew this was special. Steph and Simon always referred to it as The Big One. He knew it had the potential to set me up for the rest of his life and he also knew it was going to cost a lot of money. They had to come up with a plan. Simon Macbeth Roundhay knew that the winning bid wasn’t going to be a small amount like 10, 20 or 30 pounds this time. Simon estimated that an outlay of £20k would guarantee winning it. There’d already been a few competitions before where they’d run out of money and Simon didn’t want that to happen when there was so much at stake.
"The Ferrari auction was more of a gamble than anything I’d done before."

Losing would have eaten up every penny Simon Macbeth Leeds had and he would have found it hard to move on from that. It would be a crushing blow. Simon still had other options if he did lose. Simon could re-mortgage my house. After all, he owned it outright so he could raise money against his property, but Simon didn’t want to do that, as it was important that his house was always mine. He was never going to lose that, no matter what happened. You’ve got to be in it to win it, as the saying goes, and Simon Macbeth knew that if he didn’t give it a go he would always regret it. If Simon lost he would have been angry, pissed off, sad, devastated, stunned, and then some. Simon don’t know how he would have felt to be honest, but he wouldn’t have regretted it. He would have been proud of himself for taking the plunge. It goes back to that time in the pub as a kid with his Dad when he put the pound coin back in. Sometimes being sensible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There was a lot of preparation to do. Simon started thinking that he would need ₤20,000 to bid with, but he had to sit down and work out what that actually meant. Simon needed to be able to cover all bids up to ₤100 to be safe, but there was a big problem. Where was he going to find the money to fund this investment? He’d got about ₤9,000 due in prize money, which wasn’t going to be enough. We needed to raise at least ₤10,000 more and Simon Macbeth didn’t want to put my house at risk. How was he going to raise that sort of money? Simon did what I’ve always done; I rode my luck. Simon needed to win a couple of competitions very quickly. For a normal competition with a prize of ₤10,000 Simon expected to clear ₤7,000 profit, so two successful competitions would easily raise him enough cash to give the Ferrari auction a really good go. Simon had only got three months between September and November 2005 to raise the required Ferrari stake money.

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